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heel pronunciación 1
1 the rounded back part of the foot below the ankle.
2 the part of a sock, stocking, etc that covers the heel.
3 the part of a shoe, boot, etc which supports the heel.
4 anything shaped or functioning like the heel, eg that part of the palm near the wrist.
5 a heel-like bend, as on a golf club.
6 the end of a loaf.
7 slang a despicable person; someone who is untrustworthy or who lets others down.
verb (heeled , heeling )
1 to execute or perform with the heel.
2 to strike using the heel.
3 to repair or fit a new heel on (a shoe, etc).
4 intr to move one's heels in time to a dance rhythm.
5 intr , rugby to kick the ball backwards out of the scrum with the heel.
6 intr said of a dog: to walk at, or go to, someone's side.
[Anglo-Saxon hela ]
heeled adjective
1 having a heel or heels.
2 in compounds referring to shoes with a specified type of heel high-heeled .
at, on or upon someone's heels following closely behind them.
cool or kick one's heels to be kept waiting indefinitely.
dig one's heels in to behave stubbornly.
down at heel untidy; in poor condition or circumstances.
kick up one's heels to frisk or gambol.
show a clean pair of heels to run away.
take to one's heels to run away; to abscond.
to heel
1 said especially of a dog: walking obediently at the heels of the person in charge of it.
2 under control; subject to discipline; submissive.
turn on one's heel to turn round suddenly or sharply.
under the heel crushed; ruled over tyrannically.

También tienes: eel
heel pronunciación 2
verb (heeled , heeling )
1 intr (often heel over) said of a vessel: to lean over to one side; to list.
2 to cause (a vessel) to tilt.
[Anglo-Saxon hieldan to slope]

También tienes: eel
heel pronunciación 3
verb (heeled , heeling ) (usu heel something in) to temporarily cover (the roots of a plant) with soil to keep them moist.
[Anglo-Saxon helian , a combination of hellan and helan , both meaning -to hide-]

También tienes: eel
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