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heavy pronunciación
adjective (heavier , heaviest )
1 having great weight.
2 said of breathing: loud, because of excitement, exhaustion, etc.
3 great in amount, size, power, etc heavy traffic a heavy crop .
4 great in amount, frequency, etc a heavy drinker .
5 considerable heavy emphasis .
6 hard to bear, endure or fulfil a heavy fate .
7 ungraceful and coarse heavy features .
8 severe, intense or excessive heavy fighting .
9 sad or dejected with a heavy heart heavy-hearted .
10 said of food: difficult to digest a heavy meal .
11 having a great or relatively high density a heavy metal . Compare heavy metal.
12 striking or falling with force; powerful heavy rain .
13 forceful or powerful a heavy sea .
14 intense or deep a heavy sleep .
15 said of the sky: dark and cloudy.
16 needing a lot of physical or mental effort.
17 said of literature, music, etc:
a serious in tone and content;
b not immediately accessible or appealing.
18 physically and mentally slow.
19 fat; solid.
20 said of soil: wet and soft due to its high clay content.
21 colloq strict; severe Don't be heavy on him .
22 mil
a equipped with powerful weapons, armour, etc;
b said of guns: large and powerful.
23 said of cakes and bread: dense through not having risen enough.
noun (heavies )
1 slang a large, violent and usually not very intelligent man.
2 a villain in a play, film, etc.
3 Scot a beer like bitter but darker in colour and gassier.
4 (usu the heavies) serious newspapers.
1 heavily Time hangs heavy on my hands .
2 with a heavy burden heavy-laden .
[Anglo-Saxon hefig ]
heavily adverb
1 in a heavy way; with or as if with weight.
2 intensely, severely or violently.
heaviness noun .
make heavy weather of something see under weather.

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