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heart pronunciación
1 in vertebrates: the hollow muscular organ that contracts and pumps blood through the blood vessels of the body.
2 the corresponding organ or organs that pump circulatory fluid in invertebrates.
3 this organ considered as the centre of a person's thoughts, emotions, conscience, etc.
4 emotional mood a change of heart .
5 ability to feel tenderness or pity You have no heart .
6 courage and enthusiasm take heart lose heart .
7 the most central part the heart of the old town .
8 the most important part the heart of the problem .
9 the breast She held the child to her heart .
10 the compact inner part of some vegetables, eg cabbages and lettuces.
11 a symbol (?), usually red in colour, representing the heart, with two rounded lobes at the top curving down to meet in a point at the bottom.
12 cards
a (hearts) one of the four suits of playing-cards, with the heart-shaped (?) symbols on them;
b one of the playing-cards of this suit.
13 a term of affection or compassion dearest heart .
verb (hearted , hearting ) intr said of vegetables: to form a compact head or inner mass.
[Anglo-Saxon heorte ]
after one's own heart exactly to one's own liking.
at heart really; basically.
break someone's heart to cause them great sorrow or disappointment.
by heart by or from memory.
cross one's heart to emphasize the truth of a statement (often literally, by making the sign of the cross over one's heart).
dear or near to one's heart of great interest and concern to one.
find it in one's heart to be able to bring oneself (to do something).
from the bottom of one's heart most sincerely.
have a change of heart to alter one's former opinion, attitude, etc.
have a heart to show pity or kindness.
have someone or something at heart to cherish them or it as a matter of deep interest.
have one's heart in it usu with negatives to have enthusiasm for what one is doing.
have one's heart in one's boots to feel a sinking of the spirit.
have one's heart in one's mouth or throat to be very frightened, worried, anxious or excited.
have one's heart in the right place to be basically kind, thoughtful or generous.
have one's heart set on something to desire it earnestly.
have the heart usu with negatives to have the will, callousness, etc, required (to do something) I didn't have the heart to refuse .
heart and soul completely; with all one's attention and energy.
heart of oak a brave resolute person.
in good heart
1 said of land: in fertile condition.
2 said of a person: in good spirits.
lose heart to become discouraged or disillusioned.
lose one's heart to someone to fall in love with them.
one's heart of hearts one's innermost feelings or convictions; one's deepest affections.
set one's heart on or upon something to want it very much.
take heart to become encouraged or more confident.
take something to heart to pay great attention to it or be very affected by it.
take someone to one's heart to form an affection for them.
to one's heart's content as much as one wants.
wear one's heart on one's sleeve to show one's deepest feelings openly.
with all one's heart very willingly or sincerely.

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