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head pronunciación
1 the uppermost or foremost part of a person's or animal's body, containing the brain and the organs of sight, smell, hearing and taste.
2 the head thought of as the seat of intelligence, imagination, ability, etc Use your head You need a good head for heights .
3 something like a head in form or function, eg the top of a tool.
4 the person with the most authority in an organization, country, etc.
5 the position of being in charge.
6 colloq a head teacher or principal teacher.
7 the top or upper part of something, eg a table or bed.
8 the highest point of something the head of the pass .
9 the front or forward part of something, eg a queue.
10 the foam on top of a glass of beer, lager, etc.
11 the top part of a plant which produces leaves or flowers.
12 a culmination or crisis Things came to a head .
13 the pus-filled top of a boil or spot.
14 (pl head ) a person, animal or individual considered as a unit 600 head of cattle The meal cost £10 a head .
15 colloq a headache.
16 the source of a river, lake, etc.
17 the height or length of a head, used as a measurement He won by a head She's a head taller than her brother .
18 a headland Beachy Head .
19 a the height of the surface of a liquid above a specific point, especially as a measure of the pressure at that point a head of six metres ;
b water pressure, due to height or velocity, measured in terms of a vertical column of water;
c any pressure a full head of steam .
20 an electromagnetic device in a tape recorder, video recorder, computer, etc for converting electrical signals into the recorded form on tapes or disks, or vice versa, or for erasing recorded material.
21 (heads) the side of a coin bearing the head of a monarch, etc. Compare tails under tail1 ( noun 7).
22 (often heads) a headline or heading.
23 a main point of an argument, discourse, etc.
24 (often heads) naut slang a ship's toilet.
25 the taut membrane of a tambourine, drum, etc.
26 slang (usu in compounds ) a drug-user, especially one who takes LSD or cannabis acid head smack head .
27 mining an underground passage for working the coal.
28 (also in compounds ) the final point of a route railhead .
1 for or belonging to the head headband head cold .
2 chief; principal head gardener .
3 at, or coming from, the front head wind .
verb (headed , heading )
1 to be at the front of or top of something to head the queue .
2 (often head up something) to be in charge of it, or in the most important position.
3 tr & intr (often head for somewhere) to move or cause to move in a certain direction They are heading for home .
4 tr & intr to turn or steer (a vessel) in a particular direction They headed into the wind .
5 to provide with or be (a headline or heading) at the beginning of a chapter, top of a letter, etc.
6 football to hit (the ball) with one's head.
7 a to chop off the top branches or shoots of a plant, etc;
b intr said of a plant, etc: to form a head.
8 intr said of streams, rivers, etc: to originate or rise.
[Anglo-Saxon heafod ]
above or over one's head too difficult for one to understand.
against the head said of the ball in a rugby scrum, or of the scrum itself: won by the team not putting the ball in.
bang one's head against a brick wall to try in vain to make someone understand something, agree with your point of view, etc
bite or snap someone's head off to speak sharply to them.
bring or come to a head to reach or cause to reach a climax or crisis.
give head coarse slang to perform oral sex.
give someone his or her head to allow them to act freely and without restraint.
give something its head to let it go where, and as quickly as, it chooses.
go to one's head
1 said of alcoholic drink: to make one slightly intoxicated.
2 said of praise, success, etc: to make one conceited.
have a good head on one's shoulders to be sensible, have ability, etc.
have one's head in the clouds
1 to be inattentive to what is said.
2 to have impractical or unrealistic thoughts, ideas, etc.
have one's head screwed on (the right way) to be sensible, bright, etc.
head and shoulders by a considerable amount; to a considerable degree He's head and shoulders above his competitors .
head first
1 moving especially quickly with one's head in front or bent forward.
2 without thinking; rashly.
head over heels
1 rolling over completely with the head first.
2 completely He's head over heels in love .
hold up one's head to be unashamed.
keep one's head to remain calm and sensible.
keep one's head above water to manage to cope with problems, especially financial ones.
lose one's head to become angry or excited, or act foolishly.
not get it into one's head to be unable to come to terms with or understand something.
not make head or tail of something to not understand it.
off one's head colloq mad; crazy.
off the top of one's head colloq without much thought or calculation.
on your, etc own head be it you, etc will bear the full responsibility for your, etc actions.
out of one's head
1 colloq mad, crazy.
2 of one's own invention.
over someone's head
1 without considering the obvious candidate He was promoted over the head of his supervisor .
2 referring to a higher authority without consulting the person in the obvious position She complained to the director, over the head of the managing editor .
3 too difficult for them to understand Her jokes are always over my head .
put one's head on the block to stick one's neck out, running the risk of censure, etc.
put our or your or their heads together to consult together.
take or get it into one's head
1 to decide to do something, usually foolishly.
2 to come to believe something, usually wrongly.
turn someone's head
1 to make them vain and conceited.
2 to attract their attention Those tight shorts will turn a few heads .
head off to depart I want to head off before it gets too dark.
head someone off to get ahead of them so as to intercept them and force them to turn back We managed to head off the rams.
head something off to prevent or hinder it We wish to head off possible unrest.

head cold
noun a cold which affects one's eyes, nose and head, rather than one's throat and chest.

head count
noun a count of people present.

head on
1 head to head; with the front of one vehicle hitting the front of another.
2 in direct confrontation.
as adjective (head-on) a head-on crash The government had a head-on collision with the unions .

head register see head voice

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