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hang pronunciación
verb (hung or (in sense 3) hanged , hanging )
1 tr & intr to fasten or be fastened from above, especially with the lower part free.
2 tr & intr said of a door, etc: to fasten or be fastened with hinges so that it can move freely.
3 tr & intr to suspend or be suspended by a rope or something similar around the neck until dead.
4 (sometimes hang over) to be suspended or hover, especially in the air or in a threatening way The smell of paint hung in the air The fear of redundancy hung over me .
5 tr & intr to droop or make something droop hang one's head in shame .
6 to fix (wallpaper) to a wall.
7 tr & intr said of a painting, etc: to place or be placed in an exhibition.
8 to decorate (a room, wall, etc) with pictures or other hangings.
9 tr & intr , colloq to damn or be damned Hang the expense .
10 intr said of a piece of clothing: to sit in a specified way when worn a coat which hangs well .
11 to suspend (game) from a hook to allow it to decompose slightly and become more flavoursome.
12 to prevent (a jury) from reaching a verdict.
13 intr , comput said of a computer or a program: to stop functioning.
1 the way something hangs, falls or droops.
2 usu with negatives , colloq a damn I couldn't give a hang . See also hanging.
[Anglo-Saxon hangian ]
get the hang of something colloq to learn or begin to understand how to do it.
hang a left or right US colloq to turn left or right, especially when driving.
hang by a thread to depend upon very precarious conditions, a slim chance, etc.
hang fire
1 to delay taking action.
2 to cease to develop or progress.
hang in the balance to be uncertain or in doubt.
hang loose N Am colloq
1 to do nothing.
2 to be relaxed and unperturbed by one's surroundings, etc.
hang on in there colloq keep trying; don't give up.
hang one's head to look ashamed or sheepish.
hang on someone's lips or words to give close admiring attention to someone.
let it all hang out chiefly US colloq
1 to be totally uninhibited and relaxed.
2 to act or speak freely.
hang about or around colloq
1 to waste time; to stand around doing nothing.
2 to stay or remain.
hang about or around with someone to spend a lot of time in their company.
hang back to be unwilling or reluctant to do something.
hang on colloq
1 to wait I'll hang on for a bit .
2 to carry on bravely, in spite of problems or difficulties.
hang on something
1 to depend on it It all hangs on the weather .
2 to listen closely to it hanging on her every word .
hang something on someone colloq to blame them for it.
hang on to something to keep a hold or control of it.
hang out
1 to lean or bend out (eg of a window, etc).
2 said of clothes: to hang up outside to dry.
3 colloq to frequent a place He hangs out in local bars . See also hang-out.
hang something out to hang up (washing) outside to dry.
hang out for something to insist on it and wait until one gets it.
hang out with someone to spend time in their company, especially on a regular basis.
hang over someone said of an unresolved problem, decision, etc: to overshadow or threaten them.
hang over something to project over or lean out from it.
hang together
1 said of two people: to be united and support each other.
2 said of ideas, etc: to be consistent.
hang up to finish a telephone conversation by replacing the receiver.
hang something up to hang something on a hook, hanger, etc.

hanged, hung The normal past tense and past participle of the verb hang is hung: She hung the apron over the back of a chair. They hung on as the plane made an emergency dive. Curtains could be hung from a pole across the wall. When the verb refers to killing by hanging, the correct form of the past tense and past participle is hanged: He was later hanged for his part in a bomb plot. An unidentified man has hanged himself in his cell. Hung is increasingly used in this sense also, but in formal English it is better to use hanged.

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