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handle pronunciación
1 the part of a utensil, door, etc by which it is held so that it may be used, moved or picked up.
2 an opportunity or excuse for doing something Her shyness served as a handle for their bullying .
3 slang a person's name or title.
4 said of textiles, etc: the quality which is appreciated by touching or handling.
5 US the total takings from betting on a horse race, etc.
verb (handled , handling )
1 to touch, hold, move or operate with the hands.
2 to deal with, control or manage, especially successfully or in the correct way The inquest was handled tactfully She handles all the accounts .
3 to buy, sell or deal in (specific merchandise).
4 to write about or discuss (a theme, subject, etc).
5 intr to respond in a specified way to being operated This car handles very smoothly .
handled adjective , in compounds having handles of a specified type or number.
handling noun .
fly off the handle colloq to become suddenly very angry.

handlebar moustache
noun a wide thick moustache which curls up at the ends.

plural noun , sometimes sing a metal bar with curved ends which form handles, for steering a bicycle, motorcycle, etc.

1 someone who trains and controls an animal, especially a police dog.
2 in compounds someone who handles something specified a baggage handler .
3 boxing a trainer or second.

1 without a hand or hands.
2 dialect awkward; clumsy.

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