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hand pronunciación
1 in humans: the extremity of the arm below the wrist, consisting of a thumb, four fingers and a palm.
2 any corresponding part in the higher vertebrates.
3 something that resembles this in form or function.
4 in compounds made by hand rather than by a machine hand-knitted .
5 control, agency or influence the hand of fate .
6 (a hand) help; assistance He gave us a hand .
7 a part or influence in an activity They had a hand in the victory .
8 a needle or pointer on a clock, watch or gauge.
9 colloq a round of applause He got a big hand .
10 a manual worker or assistant, especially in a factory, on a farm or on board ship All hands on deck!
11 someone who is skilful at some specified activity a dab hand at baking .
12 a specified way of doing something She has a light hand at pastry .
13 cards
a the cards dealt to a player in one round of a game;
b a player holding such cards;
c one round of a card game.
14 a a specified position in relation to an object or onlooker on the right hand ;
b in compounds a specified position in relation to a point in time behindhand with the work .
15 a source of information considered in terms of closeness to the original source hear the news at first hand .
16 an opposing aspect, point of view, etc on the other hand .
17 someone's handwriting or style of handwriting.
18 a promise or acceptance of partnership, especially to marry He asked for her hand .
19 a unit of measurement for the height of horses equal to 4in (about 10cm).
20 a bunch of bananas.
21 (hands) football the offence of touching the ball with the hand or arm. Also called handling.
a relating to or involving the hand hand grenade ;
b worn on, for or carried in the hand hand lotion ;
c operated by hand handsaw .
verb (handed , handing )
1 (often hand something back or in or out or round, etc ) to deliver or give it using the hand or hands.
2 to lead, help or escort in a specified direction with the hand or hands He handed her into the carriage .
3 naut to furl (a sail).
a free hand freedom to do as desired.
a hand's turn usu with negatives the least amount of work He didn't do a hand's turn all day .
a heavy hand tyranny or oppression to rule with a heavy hand .
a high hand a dictatorial manner.
at first hand directly from the source.
at hand near by; about to happen.
at someone's hand close by them.
by hand
1 using the hands or tools held in the hand rather than by mechanical means.
2 delivered by messenger, not by post.
change hands to pass to other ownership or custody.
come to hand to arrive; to be received.
force someone's hand to force them to act.
get one's hand in
1 to get control of the play so as to turn one's cards to good use.
2 to get into the way or knack of something.
get one's hands on someone or something colloq
1 to catch or find them or it.
2 to obtain it.
hand and foot completely; in every possible way Servants wait on him hand and foot .
hand in glove very closely associated.
hand in hand
1 with hands mutually clasped.
2 in close association.
hand it to someone colloq to give them credit.
hand of God an unforeseen or unavoidable accident, such as lightning or a storm.
hand over fist colloq in large amounts and very quickly They're making money hand over fist .
hands down without effort; easily She won the race hands down .
hands off! keep off!; do not touch!
hands up! hold your hands up above your head!
have one's hands full colloq
1 to be very busy.
2 to be plagued with problems.
have one's hands tied to be unable to act, usually because of instructions from a higher authority.
in good hands in good keeping; in the care of someone who may be trusted.
in hand
1 under control.
2 being done or prepared.
3 available in reserve with half an hour in hand .
4 with deferred payment They work a week in hand .
in someone's hands in their power or keeping Their fate is in our hands .
keep one's hand in colloq to continue to have some involvement in an activity so as to remain proficient at it.
lay hands on or upon something or someone
1 to obtain or find it.
2 to beat up or assault them.
3 Christianity to bless or ordain them by touching them with the hand or hands.
lend a hand to give assistance.
lift a hand usu with negatives to make the least effort He didn't lift a hand to help us .
off one's hands colloq no longer one's responsibility.
on hand near; available if required.
on one's hands
1 colloq left over; not sold or used; to spare too much time on my hands .
2 remaining as one's responsibility Her position as manager means she has a lot on her hands .
on one's hands and knees
1 with one's hands, knees and feet on the ground.
2 begging.
on the one hand?on the other hand from one point of view?from another point of view.
out of hand
1 beyond control.
2 immediately and without thinking I'm inclined to dismiss it out of hand .
raise one's hand to someone often with negatives to strike or behave violently towards them.
show of hands a vote by holding up hands.
show one's hand to reveal one's opinion, stance or purpose.
sit on one's hands to take no action.
take something or someone in hand
1 to undertake it.
2 to take charge of them in order to discipline, educate, etc them.
take something off someone's hands to relieve them of it.
the upper hand the power or advantage.
throw in one's hand to give up a venture or plan; to concede defeat.
to hand within reach.
try one's hand at something to attempt to do it.
wash one's hands of something or someone to cease to be involved with or be responsible for them or it.
hand something down
1 to pass on (an heirloom, tradition, etc) to the next generation.
2 to pass on (an outgrown item of clothing) to a younger member of a family.
3 N Am law to pronounce (a verdict).
hand something in to return or submit (an examination paper, etc).
hand something on to give it to the next person in succession.
hand something out to pass it by hand or distribute it to individuals. See also handout.
hand something over to transfer it or give possession of it to someone else. See also handover.

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