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Lengua inglesa
half pronunciación
noun (halves )
a one of two equal parts which together form a whole;
b a quantity which equals such a part half a bar of chocolate .
2 the fraction equal to one divided by two (usually written 1/2).
3 colloq a half pint, especially of beer.
4 Scot a measure of spirits, especially whisky.
5 one of two equal periods of play in a match.
6 football , hockey , etc the half of the pitch considered to belong to one team.
7 golf an equal score with an opponent.
8 a half-hour.
9 sport a halfback.
10 a half-price ticket, especially for a child.
1 forming or equal to half of something a half chicken .
2 not perfect or complete We don't want any half measures .
1 to the extent or amount of one half half finished .
2 almost; partly; to some extent half dead with exhaustion .
3 30 minutes past the hour stated half three .
[Anglo-Saxon healf ]
a?and a half colloq a very good? She's a singer and a half .
by half colloq excessively He's too clever by half .
by halves without being thorough They never do things by halves .
go halves or go halves on something to share the cost or expenses of something.
have half a mind to do something to be somewhat inclined to do it.
how the other half lives facetious other people's way of life, especially if they are richer or poorer.
not half colloq
1 very It isn't half cold .
2 not nearly I'm not half fit enough .
3 yes, indeed.
one's other or better half colloq one's husband, wife or partner.

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