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hair pronunciación
1 each of many long threadlike structures that grow from follicles beneath the skin of animals.
2 a mass or growth of such strands, especially on a person's head.
3 a fabric made from such strands.
4 bot any threadlike cell growing from the surface of a plant.
5 a hair's-breadth she won by a hair .
[Anglo-Saxon hær ]
hairless adjective .
hairlessness noun .
hairlike adjective .
hairy see separate entry.
a hair of the dog (that bit one) colloq an alcoholic drink taken as a cure for a hangover.
by the short hairs in a powerless situation or at someone's mercy.
get in someone's hair colloq to annoy them incessantly.
keep your hair on! colloq keep calm and don't get angry.
let one's hair down colloq to enjoy oneself or behave without restraint.
make someone's hair curl colloq to shock them.
make someone's hair stand on end colloq to frighten them.
not turn a hair to remain calm and show no surprise, anger, etc.
split hairs to make unnecessary petty distinctions or quibbles.
tear one's hair out to show extreme irritation or anxiety.
to a hair exactly.

También tienes: air
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