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1 anat the alimentary canal or part of it.
2 (guts) colloq the insides of a person or animal.
3 colloq the stomach or abdomen.
4 colloq a fat stomach; a paunch.
5 (guts) colloq courage or determination.
6 (guts) colloq the inner or essential parts the guts of the scheme .
7 a catgut;
b a fibre obtained from silkworms, used for fishing tackle.
verb (gutted , gutting )
1 to take the guts out of (an animal, especially fish).
2 to destroy the insides of something; to reduce to a shell Fire gutted the building .
adjective , colloq
1 based on instinct and emotion, not reason a gut reaction .
2 essential; basic the gut problem .
[Anglo-Saxon gutt ]
hate someone's guts see under hate.
have someone's guts for garters colloq especially used as a threat: to punish them severely.
work or sweat or slave one's guts out colloq to work extremely hard.

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