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grow pronunciación
verb (past tense grew , past participle grown , present participle growing )
1 intr said of a living thing: to develop into a larger more mature form.
2 tr & intr to increase, or allow (hair, nails, etc) to increase, in length.
3 intr
a to increase in size, intensity or extent;
b to increase in size in a specified direction grow upwards towards the light .
4 to cultivate (plants).
5 a to become?gradually Over the years they grew very lazy ;
b (usu grow to?) to come gradually to (have a specified feeling) grew to hate him .
6 intr (usu grow from or out of something) to originate in it The scheme grew from an idea they had at school .
7 to cause to develop or expand sufficient investment to grow the business .
[Anglo-Saxon growan ]
grow like Topsy
1 simply to grow, apparently from nothing, as Topsy in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin thought she did.
2 to grow in a random, indiscriminate, or unplanned way.
grow into something to become big enough to wear (clothes that were originally too large).
grow on someone to gradually come to be liked by them.
grow out of something
1 to become too big to wear (clothes that were originally the right size).
2 to lose a liking for it, or the habit of doing it, with age grew out of reading comics .
grow up
1 to become, or be in the process of becoming, an adult.
2 to behave in an adult way.
3 to come into existence; to develop.

noun a large plastic bag containing compost and nutrients in which seeds can be germinated and plants grown to full size.
[20c: from Gro-bag , trademark of the first ones to be sold]

growing pains
plural noun
1 muscular pains, especially in the legs, sometimes experienced by growing children.
2 temporary problems or difficulties encountered in the early stages of a project, business or enterprise.

growl pronunciación
verb (growled , growling )
1 intr said of animals: to make a deep rough sound in the throat, showing hostility.
2 tr & intr said of people: to make a similar sound showing anger or displeasure; to speak or say something angrily.
noun an act or the sound of growling.
[14c, meaning -to rumble-]
growling adjective , noun
growlingly adverb .
growly adjective .

1 someone or something that growls.
2 a small iceberg.
3 old slang a four-wheeled horse-drawn cab.

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