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group pronunciación
1 a number of people or things gathered, placed or classed together.
2 (sometimes Group) a number of business companies under single ownership and central control.
3 a band of musicians and singers, especially one that plays pop music.
4 a a division of an air force consisting of two or more wings;
b a division of the US air force subordinate to a wing;
c a division of the US army consisting of two or more battalions.
5 chem in the periodic table: a vertical column representing a series of chemical elements with similar chemical properties.
6 chem a combination of two or more atoms that are bonded together and tend to act as a single unit in chemical reactions.
verb (grouped , grouping ) tr & intr to form (things or people) into a group.
[17c: from French groupe ]

group nouns See Usage Note at collective noun.

group captain
noun an officer in the Royal Air Force. See table in the Supplement to this book.

group dynamics
singular noun , psychol the way in which people in small groups interact and the processes and principles involved in this.

group practice
noun a medical practice in which several doctors work together as partners.

group theory
noun , maths the study of the properties of mathematical groups.

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