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ground pronunciación 1
1 the solid surface of the earth, or any part of it; soil; land.
2 (often grounds) an area of land, usually extensive, attached to or surrounding a building.
3 an area of land used for a specified purpose football ground .
4 distance covered or to be covered.
5 the substance of discussion cover a lot of ground .
6 a position or standpoint, eg in an argument stand or shift one's ground .
7 progress relative to that made by an opponent; advantage lose or gain ground .
8 (usu grounds) a reason or justification.
9 art
a the background in a painting;
b a surface prepared specially before paint is applied.
10 N Am, elec earth (noun 7).
11 (grounds) sediment or dregs, especially of coffee.
12 the bottom of the sea or a river.
verb (grounded , grounding )
1 tr & intr to hit or cause (a ship) to hit the seabed or shore and remain stuck.
2 to refuse to allow (a pilot or aeroplane) to fly.
3 colloq to forbid (eg teenagers) to go out socially as a punishment Jane's been grounded for a week .
4 to lay (eg weapons) on the ground.
5 (usu ground someone in something) to give them basic instruction in (a subject).
6 (usu ground something on something else) to base (an argument, complaint, etc) on it an argument grounded on logic .
7 N Am, elec to earth ( verb ).
adjective on or relating to the ground ground forces .
[Anglo-Saxon in the form grund , as noun 12]
cut or take the ground from under someone's feet to act in anticipation of someone's plan, etc, destroying its effect.
down to the ground colloq absolutely; completely suits me down to the ground .
give ground to give way; to retreat.
go to ground
1 said of an animal: to go into a burrow to escape from hunters.
2 to go into hiding, eg from the police.
into the ground to the point of exhaustion; to a position of total defeat.
off the ground started; under way get the project off the ground .
on firm or shaky ground in a strong or weak position.
on the ground amongst ordinary people opinion on the ground .

ground pronunciación 2 past tense , past participle of grind

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