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grain pronunciación
1 a single small hard fruit, resembling a seed, produced by a cereal plant or other grass.
2 such fruits referred to collectively.
3 any of the cereal plants that produce such fruits, eg wheat, corn.
4 a small hard particle of anything.
5 a very small amount a grain of truth .
6 a the arrangement, size and direction of the fibres or layers in wood, leather, etc;
b the pattern formed as a result of this arrangement.
7 the main direction of the fibres in paper or the threads in a woven fabric.
8 any of the small particles of metallic silver that form the dark areas of the image on a developed photograph.
9 in the avoirdupois system: the smallest unit of weight, equal to 0.065 grams, formerly said to be the average weight of a grain of wheat (7000 grains being equivalent to one pound avoirdupois).
10 in the troy system: a similar unit of weight (5760 grains being equivalent to one pound troy).
verb (grained , graining )
1 tr & intr to form into grains.
2 to give a rough appearance or texture to something.
3 to paint or stain something with a pattern like the grain of wood or leather.
[13c: from Latin granum seed]
grained adjective .
graining noun .
go against the grain to be against someone's principles or natural character.

grain alcohol
noun alcohol made by the fermentation of grain.

adjective (grainier , grainiest ) said of a photograph, TV picture, etc: having a large grain size (see grain, noun 8), and therefore not sharp or distinct.

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