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govern pronunciación
verb (governed , governing )
1 tr & intr to control and direct the affairs of (a country, state, or organization).
2 to guide or influence; to control or restrain govern his temper .
3 grammar said of a word or part of speech: to dictate the case2 (sense 7), mood2 (sense 1) or inflectional ending of another, closely associated word prepositions that govern the accusative .
[13c: from Latin gubernare , from Greek kybernaein to steer]
governable adjective .
governing adjective .

noun , formal
1 the act or state of governing.
2 the system of government.
3 authority or control.

governess pronunciación
noun (governesses ) chiefly formerly a woman employed to teach, and perhaps look after, children, usually while living in their home.
[18c; 15c as -a woman who governs-]

government pronunciación
1 (often the Government) a body of people, usually elected, with the power to control the affairs of a country or state.
2 a the way in which this control is exercised;
b the particular system used.
3 the act or practice of ruling; control.
4 grammar the power of one word to determine the form, case2 (sense 7) or mood2 (sense 1) of another.
[16c in senses 2 and 3]
governmental adjective .

governor pronunciación ,
1 (also Governor) the elected head of a US state.
2 the head of an institution, eg a prison.
3 a member of a governing body of a school, hospital, college, etc.
4 (also Governor) the head of a colony or province, especially the monarch's representative. See also gubernatorial.
5 mech a regulator or other device for maintaining uniform speed in an engine.
6 (also guvnor or guv'nor) colloq
a (often the governor) a boss or father;
b (often guv) a respectful, though now often ironical, form of address to a man, eg from a workman.
governorship noun .

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