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good pronunciación
adjective (better , best )
a having desirable or necessary (positive) qualities; admirable;
b patronizing used when addressing or referring to someone my good man your good lady .
2 a morally correct; virtuous;
b (the good) virtuous people in general (see the, sense 4b).
3 kind and generous.
4 bringing happiness or pleasure good news .
5 well-behaved.
6 wise; advisable a good buy .
7 thorough.
8 finest compared with others my good china .
9 adequate; satisfactory a good supply .
10 enjoyable having a good time .
11 valid.
12 well-respected.
13 sound; giving use; serviceable The roof is good for another winter .
14 financially sound a good investment .
15 considerable; at least waited a good while lasted a good month .
16 certain to provide the desired result good for a laugh .
17 used to introduce exclamations expressing surprise, dismay, or exasperation good heavens good grief .
1 moral correctness; virtue.
2 benefit; advantage do you good £20 to the good It turned out all to the good .
interjection expressing approval or satisfaction.
adverb , colloq very well The boy done good .
[Anglo-Saxon god ]
as good as?almost?; virtually?
as good as gold or good as gold said especially of children: extremely well-behaved.
be as good as one's word to carry out one's promises.
for good or for good and all for ever; permanently.
good and?colloq very?; completely or absolutely? good and ready .
good at something competent at it; talented in that area.
good for someone or something beneficial to them or it.
good for you, etc ! or (Aust & NZ colloq) good on you, etc !
1 an expression of approval or congratulation.
2 an expression of snide resentment.
good morning or good afternoon or good evening traditional expressions used when either meeting or parting from someone at the specified time of day.
good night a traditional expression used when parting from someone at night or well on in the day.
in someone's good books in favour with someone.
make good to be successful.
make something good
1 to repair it.
2 to carry it out or fulfil it.
no good
1 useless.
2 worthless.
to the good on the credit side.

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