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give pronunciación
verb (past tense gave , past participle given , present participle giving )
1 to transfer ownership of something; to transfer possession of something temporarily gave him my watch Give me your bags .
2 to provide or administer give advice give medicine .
3 to produce Cows give milk .
4 to perform (an action, service, etc) give a smile She gave a lecture on beetles .
5 to pay gave £20 for it .
6 intr to make a donation Please give generously .
7 (also give something up) to sacrifice it give one's life gave up his day off to finish the job on time .
8 to be the cause or source of something gives me pain .
9 intr to yield or break give under pressure .
10 to organize something at one's own expense give a party .
11 to have something as a result four into twenty gives five .
12 to reward or punish with something was given 20 years .
13 colloq to agree to or admit something; to concede I'll give you that .
14 to offer a toast to someone or something Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the bride and groom!
15 sport to declare someone to be a specified thing He was given offside .
noun capacity to yield; flexibility a board with plenty of give .
[Anglo-Saxon gefan ]
give and take to make mutual concessions.
give as good as one gets colloq to respond to an attack with equal energy, force and effect.
give me colloq I prefer Give me jazz any day .
give or take something colloq allowing for a (specified) margin of error We have all the money, give or take a pound .
give someone to believe that?to make someone think that or to give the impression that?
give someone up for dead or lost, etc to assume that they are dead or lost, etc, after abandoning hope.
give up the ghost colloq to die.
give way see under way.
give way to something to allow oneself to be affected by it give way to tears .
what gives? what is happening, the matter, etc? For many other idioms containing give , see under the next significant word in the idiom.
give someone away
1 to betray them.
2 to present (the bride) to the bridegroom at a wedding ceremony.
give something away
1 to hand it over as a gift.
2 to sell it at an incredibly low price.
3 to allow (a piece of information) to become known, usually by accident.
give in to someone or something to yield to them; to admit defeat.
give something off to produce or emit (eg a smell).
give onto or into something said of a passage, etc: to lead or be an opening to it a terrace giving onto the lawn .
give out colloq to break down or come to an end Their resistance gave out .
give something out
1 to announce or distribute it.
2 to emit (a sound, smell, etc).
give over or give over doing something colloq usually as a command: to stop (doing it) Give over shouting!
give something over
1 to transfer it.
2 to set it aside or devote it to some purpose The morning was given over to discussing the budgets .
give up to admit defeat.
give oneself up to surrender.
give someone or something up to surrender or hand over (a wanted person, a weapon, etc).
give something up
1 to renounce or quit (a habit, etc) give up smoking .
2 to resign from or leave (a job, etc).
give up doing something to stop making the effort to achieve it gave up trying to talk sense to them .
give oneself up to something to devote oneself to (a cause, etc).

También tienes: gibe, jibe, jive
1 mutual willingness to accept the other's point of view.
2 a useful exchange of views.

giveaway colloq
1 an act of accidentally revealing secrets, etc.
2 something obtained extremely easily or cheaply That goal was a giveaway .
3 a free gift.
1 extremely cheap giveaway price .
2 free.

given pronunciación
1 stated or specified.
2 admitted, assumed or accepted as true.
preposition , conjunction accepting (a specified thing) as a basis for discussion; assuming given his illegitimacy given that he is illegitimate .
noun something that is admitted, assumed or accepted as true His illegitimacy is a given .
verb , past participle of give.
given to something prone to it; having it as a habit given to biting his nails .

given name
noun someone's first or Christian name, especially when contrasted with their surname.

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