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get pronunciación
verb (got , past participle got or (US) gotten , getting )
1 to receive or obtain.
2 to have or possess.
3 tr & intr (also get across or get someone across or away, to, through, etc ) to go or make them go, move, travel or arrive as specified tried to get past him Will you get him to bed at 8? got to Paris on Friday .
4 (often get something down, in, out, etc ) to fetch, take, or bring it as specified Get it down from the shelf .
5 to put into a particular state or condition Don't get it wet got him into trouble .
6 intr to become I got angry .
7 to catch (a disease, etc) She got measles and couldn't come .
8 to order or persuade Get him to help us .
9 colloq to receive (a broadcast, etc) unable to get the World Service .
10 colloq to make contact with someone, especially by telephone never get him at home .
11 colloq to arrive at (a number, etc) by calculation.
12 intr , colloq to receive permission (to do something) Can you get to stay out late?
13 colloq to prepare (a meal).
14 colloq to buy or pay for something got her some flowers for her birthday .
15 colloq to suffer got a broken arm .
16 colloq to receive something as punishment got ten years for armed robbery .
17 colloq to attack, punish, or otherwise cause harm to them I'll get you for that!
18 colloq to annoy someone.
19 colloq to understand something.
20 colloq to hear something I didn't quite get his name .
21 colloq to affect someone emotionally The sight of the starving children really got me .
22 colloq to baffle someone You've got me there . See also have got to below.
noun , derog slang a stupid or contemptible person; a git.
interjection clear off! get lost!
[13c: from Norse geta to obtain or beget]
be getting on
1 said of a person: to grow old.
2 said of time, etc: to grow late.
be getting on for?colloq to be approaching (a certain time or age).
get ahead to make progress; to be successful.
get along with you! colloq
1 go away!
2 an expression of disbelief.
get by
1 colloq to manage to live.
2 colloq to be just about acceptable.
get it slang to be punished.
get it together colloq to organize one's energies and abilities effectively.
get it up slang to succeed in having an erection.
get nowhere colloq to make no progress or produce no results.
get one's own back colloq to have one's revenge.
get somewhere colloq to make progress.
get there colloq to make progress towards or achieve one's final aim.
have got to have; to be in the state of having I've got a headache Have you got a drink?
have got to to have to, to be required to do something I've got to write to her at once .
tell someone where to get off colloq to deal with someone rudely and dismissively.
get about or around colloq
1 to travel; to go from place to place.
2 said of a rumour, etc: to circulate.
get something across to make it understood.
get along with someone colloq to be on friendly terms with them. See also get along with you! above.
get at someone colloq
1 to criticize or victimize them persistently.
2 colloq to influence them by dishonest means, eg bribery.
get at something
1 to reach or take hold of it.
2 colloq to suggest or imply it What are you getting at?
get away
1 to leave or be free to leave.
2 to escape.
3 colloq as an exclamation: used to express disbelief, shock, etc.
get away with something to commit (an offence or wrongdoing, etc) without being caught or punished.
get back at someone or get someone back colloq to take revenge on them.
get someone down colloq to make them sad or depressed.
get something down
1 to manage to swallow it.
2 to write it down.
get down to something to apply oneself to (a task or piece of work).
get in
1 said of a political party: to be elected to power.
2 to be accepted for entry or membership.
get something in
1 to gather or harvest it.
2 colloq to succeed in doing or making it before something else occurs tried to get some work in before dinner .
get in on something colloq to take part in it or share in it.
get into someone colloq to affect or take control of their behaviour I don't know what gets into him sometimes .
get into something colloq to develop a liking or enthusiasm for it.
get in with someone colloq to become friendly with them, often for selfish reasons.
get off or get someone off colloq
1 to escape, or cause them to escape, with no punishment or with only the stated punishment was charged but got off managed to get him off with a warning .
2 to fall asleep or send (eg a child) to sleep.
get off something colloq to stop discussing or dealing with (a subject).
get off on something colloq to derive excitement from it.
get off with someone colloq to begin a casual sexual relationship with them.
get on colloq to make progress; to be successful. See also be getting on above.
get on at or to someone colloq to pester or criticize them continually.
get on to someone
1 to make contact with them.
2 to begin dealing with them.
get onto something
1 to find out the truth about it.
2 to start dealing with a matter.
get on with someone to have a friendly relationship with them.
get on with something to continue working on it or dealing or progressing with it.
get out said of information: to become known.
get something out
1 to manage to say it, usually with difficulty.
2 to publish it.
get out of something to avoid having to do it.
get over someone or something to be no longer emotionally affected by them or it.
get over something to recover from (an illness, disappointment, etc).
get something over to explain it successfully; to make it understood.
get something over with to deal with (something unpleasant) as quickly as possible.
get round colloq said of information, a rumour, etc: to become generally known.
get round someone colloq to persuade them or win their approval or permission.
get round something to successfully pass by or negotiate (a problem, etc).
get round to something or someone to deal with it or them eventually.
get through something
1 to complete (a task, piece of work, etc).
2 to use it steadily until it is finished got through a bottle of whisky every day .
3 colloq to pass (a test, etc).
get someone through to help someone pass (a test, etc).
get through to someone
1 to make contact with them by telephone.
2 to make them understand We can't get through to him how important this is .
get to someone colloq to annoy them You shouldn't let him get to you .
get together to assemble, especially for a specified purpose got together for a drink got together to discuss the pay freeze . See also get-together.
get up
1 to get out of bed.
2 to stand up.
3 said of the wind, etc: to become strong. See also get it up above.
get oneself up to get dressed up.
get someone up to make them get out of bed.
get something up
1 to arrange, organize or prepare it decided to get up a celebration .
2 to learn it by deliberate effort.
3 to increase and maintain (speed).
get up to something colloq to do or be involved in it, especially when it is bad, unwelcome or not approved of He's forever getting up to no good .

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