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German shepherd dog
noun a large dog with a thick coat, a long pointed muzzle, and pointed ears. Also called Alsatian.

adjective said of ideas, remarks, etc: relevant; closely related (to the topic under discussion).
[19c development of german]
germanely adverb .
germaneness noun .

Germanic pronunciación
noun a branch of the Indo-European family of languages that includes both the modern and historical varieties and which is divided into East Germanic (Gothic and other extinct languages), North Germanic (Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Icelandic) and West Germanic (English, Frisian, Dutch, Low German, High German).
1 relating to these languages or to the people speaking them.
2 typical of Germany or the Germans.
[17c, meaning -German-]

germanium pronunciación
noun , chem (symbol Ge, atomic number 32) a hard greyish-white metalloid element, widely used as a semiconductor.
[19c: named after Germany, the native country of its discoverer CA Winkler (1838?1904)]

combining form , signifying Germany, German, or Germans.

noun any agent that destroys disease-causing micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses.
[19c: germ + -cide]
germicidal adjective .

1 technical relating to or similar to a germ or germs.
2 in the earliest stage of development.
3 seminal, productive of new and original ideas.
[19c: from Latin germen bud or sprout]
germinally adverb .

germinate pronunciación
verb (germinated , germinating )
1 intr , biol said of a seed or spore: to show the first signs of development into a new individual.
2 a to make (a seed, an idea, etc) begin to grow;
b intr to come into being or existence.
[17c: from Latin germinare , germinatum ]
germination noun .


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