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gear pronunciación
1 (also gearwheel) a toothed wheel or disc that engages with another wheel or disc having a different number of teeth, and turns it, so transmitting motion from one rotating shaft to another.
2 the specific combination of such wheels or discs that is being used second gear low gear to change gear .
3 colloq the equipment or tools needed for a particular job, sport, etc.
4 aeronautics landing gear.
5 colloq personal belongings.
6 colloq clothes, especially young people's current fashion.
7 slang drugs.
verb (geared , gearing )
1 (usu gear something to or towards something else) to adapt or design it to suit (a particular need).
2 to supply something with, or connect it by, gears.
[13c in the form gere in obsolete sense -arms' or -equipment-: from Norse gervi ]
in gear said especially of a motor vehicle: with a gear selected.
out of gear
1 said of a motor vehicle: with no gear selected.
2 not working properly.
gear oneself up to become or make oneself ready or prepared.
gear something up finance to raise the gearing of (a company).

gear lever, gear stick or (N Am) gearshift
noun a lever or similar device for engaging and disengaging gears, especially in a motor vehicle, by moving the gearwheels in relation to each other.

1 especially in a motor vehicle: the set or system of gears that transmits power from the engine to the road wheels.
2 the metal casing that encloses such a set or system of gears.

1 a set of gearwheels as a means of transmission of motion.
2 the arrangement of gears on a particular machine or device.
3 finance the ratio of a company's debt to its capital.

gearwheel see under gear

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