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gear pronunciación
1 (also gearwheel) a toothed wheel or disc that engages with another wheel or disc having a different number of teeth, and turns it, so transmitting motion from one rotating shaft to another.
2 the specific combination of such wheels or discs that is being used second gear low gear to change gear .
3 colloq the equipment or tools needed for a particular job, sport, etc.
4 aeronautics landing gear.
5 colloq personal belongings.
6 colloq clothes, especially young people's current fashion.
7 slang drugs.
verb (geared , gearing )
1 (usu gear something to or towards something else) to adapt or design it to suit (a particular need).
2 to supply something with, or connect it by, gears.
[13c in the form gere in obsolete sense -arms' or -equipment-: from Norse gervi ]
in gear said especially of a motor vehicle: with a gear selected.
out of gear
1 said of a motor vehicle: with no gear selected.
2 not working properly.
gear oneself up to become or make oneself ready or prepared.
gear something up finance to raise the gearing of (a company).

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