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gas pronunciación
noun (gases )
1 a form of matter that has no fixed shape, is easily compressed, and which will expand to occupy all the space available.
2 a substance or mixture of substances which is in this state at ordinary temperatures, eg hydrogen, air.
3 natural gas used as a source of fuel for heating, lighting or cooking.
4 a gas, especially nitrous oxide, used as an anaesthetic.
5 firedamp, explosive in contact with air.
6 a poisonous gas used as a weapon in war.
7 N Am, Aust & NZ colloq gasoline; petrol.
8 colloq an amusing or entertaining event, situation or person The film was a real gas!
9 derog colloq foolish talk; boasting.
as adjective gas cooker .
verb (gasses , gassed , gassing )
1 to poison or kill (people or animals) with gas.
2 intr , derog colloq to chat, especially at length, boastfully or about trivial things.
[17c: coined by JB van Helmont, Belgian chemist (1577?1644), after Greek chaos atmosphere]

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