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game pronunciación 1
1 an amusement or pastime.
2 the equipment used for this, eg a board, cards, dice, etc.
3 a competitive activity with rules, involving some form of skill.
4 an occasion on which individuals or teams compete at such an activity; a match.
5 in some sports, eg tennis: a division of a match.
6 (games) an event consisting of competitions in various activities, especially sporting ones the Commonwealth games .
7 colloq, often derog a type of activity, profession, or business Politics is more your game than mine .
8 a person's playing ability or style her backhand game .
9 derog an activity undertaken light-heartedly War is just a game to him .
10 a certain birds and animals which are killed for sport;
b the flesh of such creatures.
11 derog, colloq a scheme, trick or intention What's your game?
adjective , colloq
1 (also game for something) ready and willing to undertake it game for a try .
2 having plenty of fighting spirit; plucky.
verb (gamed , gaming ) intr to gamble.
[Anglo-Saxon gamen amusement]
gamely adverb bravely, sportingly.
gameness noun .
be on the game slang to be a prostitute.
give the game away to reveal the truth.
make game of someone old use to make fun of or laugh at them.
play the game to behave fairly.
the game is up the plan or trick has failed or has been found out.

game pronunciación 2
adjective , old use lame. See also gammy.
[18c: perhaps from Irish Gaelic cam crooked]

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