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noun a forking; a fork-like division.

noun (furculas ) the united clavicles of a bird; the wishbone.
[1850s: Latin, meaning -small fork-]

furfur ,
noun dandruff; scurf.
[17c: Latin, meaning -bran-]
furfuraceous adjective branny; scaly; scurfy.

furioso music
adverb in a vigorous manner.
adjective vigorous.
[19c: Italian]

1 violently or intensely angry.
2 raging; stormy furious winds .
3 frenzied; frantic furious activity .
[14c: from Latin furiosus ]
furiously adverb .
furiousness noun .
fast and furious see under fast1.

verb (furled , furling ) tr & intr said of flags, sails or umbrellas: to roll up.
[16c: from French ferlier , from fer firm1 + lier to bind]

noun (abbreviation fur.) a measure of distance now used mainly in horse-racing, equal to one eighth of a mile, or 220 yards (201.2m).
[Anglo-Saxon furlang , from furh furrow + lang long]

noun leave of absence, especially from military duty.
[17c: from Dutch verlof ]

a an enclosed chamber in which heat is produced, eg for smelting metal, heating water or burning rubbish;
b a blast furnace.
2 colloq a very hot place.
[13c: from Latin fornax , fornacis kiln or oven]

furnish pronunciación
verb (furnishes , furnished , furnishing )
1 to provide (a house, etc) with furniture.
a to supply (what is necessary).
b (furnish someone with something) to supply or equip them with what they require (eg information, documents).
[15c: from French furnir to provide]
furnished adjective usually said of a house, flat, etc: stocked with furniture The flat she is renting is fully furnished .

furnishings pronunciación
plural noun articles of furniture, fittings, carpets, curtains, etc.

furniture pronunciación
1 movable household equipment such as tables, chairs, beds, etc.
2 the equipment needed on board ship or in a factory.
3 door fittings such as locks and handles.
[16c: from French fourniture , from fournir to provide]

furniture van
noun a long, high-sided van for transporting furniture and other fittings from a house, etc, eg when moving house.

furore or (esp N Am) furor
noun a general outburst of excitement or indignation in reaction to something.
[18c: Italian, from Latin furor frenzy]

furrier pronunciación
noun someone whose job is to make or sell furs.

1 fur trimmings.
2 a coating on the tongue.
3 strips of wood fastened to joists or to a wall onto which floorboards or plasterboard are fixed.

furrow pronunciación
1 a groove or trench cut into the earth by a plough; a rut.
2 a wrinkle, eg in the forehead.
verb (furrowed , furrowing )
1 to plough (land) into furrows.
2 intr to become wrinkled.
[Anglo-Saxon furh ]

adjective (furrier , furriest )
1 covered with fur.
2 made of, or like, fur.
furrily adverb .
furriness noun .

1 more distant or remote (than something else).
2 more extended than was originally expected further delay .
3 additional no further clues .
1 at or to a greater distance or more distant point.
2 to or at a more advanced point further developed .
3 to a greater extent or degree modified even further .
4 moreover; furthermore.
verb (furthered , furthering ) to help the progress of something.
[Anglo-Saxon furthra ]
further to?following on from (our telephone conversation, your letter, etc). See also far.

further See Usage Note at farther.

further education
noun , Brit post-school education other than at a university. Compare higher education.

noun the furthering, advancement or continuation of something.

adverb in addition to what has already been said; moreover.

adjective most distant or remote; farthest.

adjective most distant or remote.
1 at or to the greatest distance or most distant point.
2 at or to the most advanced point; to the greatest extent or degree. Compare farthest.

furtive pronunciación
adjective secretive; stealthy; sly a furtive glance .
[15c: from Latin furtivus stolen, clandestine]
furtively adverb .
furtiveness noun .

furuncle pronunciación
noun , pathol a boil.
[17c: from Latin furunculus a little thief]
furuncular or furunculous adjective .

fury pronunciación
noun (furies )
1 violent or frenzied anger; an outburst of this.
2 violence the fury of the wind .
3 a frenzy a fury of activity .
[14c: from French furie , from Latin furere to rage]
like fury colloq fast; eagerly; powerfully; furiously.

noun gorse.
[Anglo-Saxon fyrs ]


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