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fur pronunciación
1 the thick fine soft coat of a hairy animal.
2 a the skin of such an animal with the hair attached, used to make, line or trim garments;
b a synthetic imitation of this.
3 a coat, cape or jacket made of fur or an imitation of it.
4 a whitish coating on the tongue, generally a sign of illness.
5 a whitish coating that forms on the inside of water pipes and kettles in hard-water regions.
verb (furred , furring )
1 tr & intr (often fur up or fur something up) to coat or become coated with a fur-like deposit.
2 to cover, trim or line with fur.
[14c: from French fuerre sheath or case]
furring or furry see separate entries.
make the fur fly colloq to cause a commotion; to upset people.

abbreviation furlong.

1 a dress trimming in the form of a ruched or pleated strip, ruffle or flounce.
2 (furbelows) fussy ornamentation.
[18c: from French and Italian falbala ]

verb (furbishes , furbished , furbishing ) (also furbish something up) to restore, decorate or clean it; to rub it up until it is bright.
[14c: from French fourbir to polish]
furbisher noun .
furbishment noun .

verb (furcated , furcating ) intr to fork or divide; to branch like a fork.
adjective forked.
[Early 19c: from Latin furca fork]

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