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function pronunciación
1 the special purpose or task of a machine, person, bodily part, etc.
2 an organized event such as a party, reception, meeting, etc.
3 a duty particular to someone in a particular job.
4 maths , logic a mathematical procedure that relates one or more variables to one or more other variables.
5 comput any of the basic operations of a computer, usually corresponding to a single operation.
verb (functioned , functioning ) intr
1 to work; to operate.
2 to fulfil a function; to perform one's duty.
3 to serve or act as something an attachment that functions as a bottle-opener .
[16c: French, from Latin functio , from fungi , functus to perform]
functionless adjective .

function key
noun , comput
1 any of the keys marked with an -F- and a following numeral on a keyboard, pressed alone or in combination with other keys to perform a specific task within a program.
2 any key used in combination with the -control- key for the same purpose.

function word
noun , linguistics a word, such as an article (sense 4) or auxiliary (sense 3), which expresses a grammatical concept, such as definiteness (see definite article) or tense1, and has little or no meaning apart from this.

functional pronunciación
1 said of buildings, machines, etc: designed for efficiency rather than decorativeness; plain rather than elaborate.
2 in working order; operational.
3 referring to or performed by functions.
functionally adverb .

functional group
noun , chem a combination of two or more atoms that are bonded together and tend to act as a single unit in chemical reactions.

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