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full pronunciación 1
adjective (fuller , fullest )
1 (also full of something) holding, containing or having as much as possible, or a large quantity.
2 complete do a full day's work .
3 detailed; thorough; including everything necessary a full report .
4 occupied My hands are full .
5 having eaten till one wants no more.
6 plump; fleshy the fuller figure full lips .
7 said of clothes: made with a large amount of material a full skirt .
8 rich and strong This wine is very full .
9 rich and varied a full life .
10 having all possible rights, privileges, etc a full member .
11 said of the moon: at the stage when it is seen as a fully-illuminated disc.
12 a said of a brother or sister: having the same parents as oneself (compare half-brother, half-sister);
b said of a cousin: see first cousin under cousin.
1 completely; at maximum capacity Is the radiator full on?
2 exactly; directly hit him full on the nose .
verb (fulled , fulling ) needlecraft to make something with gathers or puckers.
be full up
1 to be full to the limit.
2 to have had enough to eat.
full of something unable to talk about anything but it; engrossed in it full of her holidays .
full of oneself having too good an opinion of oneself and one's importance.
full of years literary or old use old; aged.
full-on not restrained or qualified; all-out a full-on confrontation .
full well perfectly well.
in full
1 completely.
2 at length; in detail reported in full .
in full rig with the maximum number of masts and sails.
in full swing at the height of activity.
to the full to the greatest possible extent.

full pronunciación 2
verb (fulled , fulling ) to shrink and beat (cloth) to thicken it.
[14c: from French fuler , from Latin fullo fuller]
fuller noun someone who fulls cloth.

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