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fruit pronunciación
1 the fully ripened ovary of a flowering plant, containing one or more seeds that have developed from fertilized ovules, and sometimes including associated structures such as the receptacle.
2 an edible part of a plant that is generally sweet and juicy, especially the ovary containing one or more seeds, but sometimes extended to include other parts, eg the leaf stalk in rhubarb. See also berry, soft fruit.
3 plant products generally the fruits of the land .
4 (also fruits) whatever is gained as a result of hard work, etc the fruit of his labour .
5 derog slang, chiefly US a homosexual man.
6 old use, colloq a person old fruit .
7 rare offspring; young the fruit of her womb .
verb (fruited , fruiting ) intr to produce fruit.
[12c: from French fruict , from Latin fructus fruit, enjoyment]
bear fruit
1 to produce fruit.
2 to produce good results.
in fruit said of a tree: bearing fruit.

fruit bat
noun a large fruit-eating bat of the Old World.

fruit fly
noun any of various tiny flies which feed on sap and fermenting fruit.

fruit machine
noun a coin-operated gambling-machine with symbols, usually in the form of different fruits, on wheels that spin and stop at random when the machine is operated, with certain combinations triggering a payout.
[Early 20c]

fruit salad
noun a dessert of mixed fresh fruit, chopped into small pieces.

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