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front pronunciación
1 the side or part of anything that is furthest forward or nearest to the viewer; the most important side or part, eg the side of a building where the main door is.
2 any side of a large or historic building.
3 the part of a vehicle, etc that faces or is closest to, the direction in which it moves.
4 theat the auditorium of a theatre, etc. See also front of house.
5 the cover or first pages of a book.
6 a road or promenade in a town that runs beside the sea, or large lake, etc; sea front.
7 in war: the area where the soldiers are nearest to the enemy eastern front . See also front line.
8 a matter of concern or interest no progress on the job front .
9 the part of one's body that faces forward, or the clothing that covers this I spilled coffee down my front .
10 meteorol the boundary between two air masses that have different temperatures.
11 an outward appearance.
12 (usu Front) a name given to some political movements, particularly when a number of organizations come together as a unified force against opponents.
13 slang an organization or job used to hide illegal or secret activity The corner shop was just a front for drug dealing .
14 archaic the forehead; the face.
verb (fronted , fronting )
1 tr & intr said of a building: to have its front facing or beside something specified The house fronts onto the main road .
2 to be the leader or representative of (a group, etc).
3 to be the presenter of (a radio or television programme).
4 to cover the front of (a building, etc) The house was fronted with grey stone .
5 intr (usu front for something) to provide a cover or excuse for it (eg an illegal activity, etc).
1 relating to, or situated at or in the front.
2 phonetics said of a vowel: articulated with the front of the tongue in a forward position.
[13c: French, from Latin frons , frontis forehead]
frontless adjective .
in front
1 on the forward-facing side.
2 ahead.
in front of someone or something
1 at or to a position in advance of them.
2 to a place towards which a vehicle, etc is moving ran in front of a car .
3 ahead of them pushed in front of her .
4 facing or confronting them stood up in front of an audience .
5 in their presence dare not say so in front of my mother .
out front colloq in the audience, from the performer's standpoint.
up front colloq said of money: paid before work is done or goods received, etc They'll expect the money up front .

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