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front man
1 the nominal leader or representative of an organization.
2 the presenter of a radio or television programme.

front of house
noun in a theatre: the collective activities carried out in direct contact with the public, such as box-office activity, programme selling, ushering, etc.
as adjective (front-of-house) front-of-house staff .
[19c: originally front of the house ]

adjective suitable or important enough for publication on the first page of a newspaper front-page news .

1 the person considered most likely to win a competition, election, etc.
2 in a race: someone who runs best when they are in the lead.

front-running stock exchange
noun a type of insider dealing whereby traders buy or sell stocks for themselves before placing big orders for customers that may affect the share price.
as adjective front-running ring .

front-wheel drive
noun a system in which the driving power is transmitted to the front wheels of a vehicle.

noun the front of a building, especially in relation to the street, etc along which it extends.
frontager noun , law someone who owns or occupies property along a road, river, shore, etc.

1 relating to the front.
2 aimed at the front; direct a frontal assault .
3 anat relating to the forehead.
4 meteorol relating to a front ( noun 10) frontal system .
1 the façade of a building.
2 something worn on the forehead or face.
3 an embroidered hanging of silk, satin, etc, for the front of an altar, now usually covering only the top.

1 formed with a front.
2 phonetics changed into or towards a front ( adjective 2) sound.

frontier pronunciación ,
a the part of a country bordering onto another country;
b a line, barrier, etc marking the boundary between two countries.
2 (frontiers) limits the frontiers of knowledge .
3 N Am hist the furthest edge of civilization, habitation or cultivation.
[15c: French, from front front]

frontiersman or frontierswoman
noun someone who lives on the frontier of a country, particularly on the outlying edges of a settled society.

1 a picture at the beginning of a book, facing the title page.
2 archit the decorated pediment over a door, gate, etc.
3 archit the main front or façade of a building.
[16c: from Latin frons , frontis front + specere to see, influenced by piece]

1 Judaism a phylactery attached to the forehead.
2 something worn on the forehead.
[16c: from French frontelet a small frontal]

noun , meteorol the formation or intensification of a front.
[1930s: from front + -genesis]

noun , meteorol the weakening or disappearance of a front.
[1930s: from front + -lysis]

noun , archit a pediment crowning a window or other small opening.

frontward or frontwards
adverb towards the front.


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