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fresh pronunciación
1 newly made, gathered, etc.
2 having just arrived from somewhere, just finished doing something or just had some experience, etc fresh from university .
3 other or another; different; clean a fresh sheet of paper .
4 new; additional fresh supplies .
5 original a fresh approach .
6 said of fruit or vegetables: not tinned, frozen, dried, salted or otherwise preserved.
7 not tired; bright and alert.
8 cool; refreshing a fresh breeze .
9 said of water: not salty.
10 said of air: cool and uncontaminated; invigorating.
11 said of the face or complexion: youthfully healthy; ruddy.
12 not worn or faded.
13 colloq said of behaviour: offensively informal; cheeky.
adverb in a fresh way Milk keeps fresh in the fridge .
[Anglo-Saxon fersc not salt]
freshly adverb .
freshness noun .

verb (freshened , freshening )
1 to make something fresh or fresher.
2 tr & intr (also freshen up or freshen oneself or someone up) to get washed and tidy; to wash and tidy (oneself or someone).
3 intr said of a wind: to become stronger.

fresher or (N Am) freshman
noun a student in their first year at university or college.

1 a stream of fresh water flowing into the sea.
2 the sudden overflow of a river.
[16c: a diminutive of fresh]

adjective referring to, consisting of or living in fresh as opposed to salt water freshwater lake freshwater fish .

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