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freeze pronunciación
verb (freezes , past tense froze , past participle frozen , present participle freezing )
1 tr & intr to change (a liquid) into a solid by cooling it to below its freezing point, eg to change water into ice.
2 intr said of a liquid: to change into a solid when it is cooled to below its freezing point.
3 tr & intr (also freeze over or freeze something over) to become covered or cover it with ice.
4 tr & intr (also freeze up or freeze something up) to become blocked up or stop operating because of frost or ice. See also freeze-up.
5 tr & intr (often freeze together) to stick or cause to stick together by frost.
6 intr said of the weather, temperature, etc: to be at or below the freezing point of water It's freezing today .
7 tr & intr , colloq to be or make very cold.
8 intr to die of cold The sheep froze in the drifts .
9 tr & intr said of food: to preserve, or be suitable for preserving, by refrigeration at below freezing point.
10 tr & intr to make or become motionless or unable to move, because of fear, etc.
11 to fix (prices, wages, etc) at a certain level.
12 to prevent (money, shares, assets, etc) from being used froze the bank account .
13 to stop (a video, a moving film, etc) at a certain frame.
14 intr said of a computer program, system, etc: to stop working, usually so as to require the machine that the program is running on to be rebooted.
15 to stop (a process) at some point in its development to assess progress made.
16 to anaesthetize (a part of the body).
1 a period of very cold weather with temperatures below freezing point. See also freeze-up.
2 a period of control of wages, prices, etc.
interjection , chiefly US a command to stop instantly or risk being shot.
[Anglo-Saxon freosan ]
freezable adjective .
freeze someone out to exclude them from an activity, conversation, etc by persistent unfriendliness or unresponsiveness.

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