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free pronunciación
adjective (freer , freest )
1 allowed to move as one pleases; not shut in.
2 not tied or fastened.
3 allowed to do as one pleases; not restricted, controlled or enslaved.
4 said of a country: independent.
5 costing nothing.
6 open or available to all.
7 not working, busy, engaged or having another appointment.
8 not occupied; not being used.
9 said of a translation: not precisely literal.
10 smooth and easy free and relaxed body movement .
11 without obstruction given free passage .
12 derog said of a person's manner: disrespectful, overfamiliar or presumptuous.
13 chem not combined with another chemical element.
14 in compounds
a not containing the specified (usually undesirable) ingredient, substance, factor, etc sugar-free milk-free nuclear-free ;
b free from, or not affected or troubled by, the specified thing trouble-free meeting stress-free weekend carefree ;
c not paying the specified thing rent-free tax-free .
1 without payment free of charge .
2 freely; without restriction wander free .
verb (frees , freed , freeing )
1 to allow someone to move without restriction after a period in captivity, prison, etc; to set or make someone free; to liberate someone.
2 (usu free someone of or from something) to rid or relieve them of it.
[Anglo-Saxon freo ]
freely adverb .
freeness noun .
a free hand scope to choose how best to act.
feel free colloq you have permission (to do something) Feel free to borrow my bike any time .
for free colloq without payment.
free and easy cheerfully casual or tolerant.
free of or from something without; not or no longer having or suffering (especially something harmful, unpleasant or not wanted) free of fear finally free from the aching pain .
free with something open, generous, lavish or liberal with it.
it's a free country colloq there's no objection to acting in the way mentioned.
make free with something to make too much, or unacceptable, use of something not one's own.

free alongside ship
adjective (abbreviation f.a.s.) said of a shipment of goods: delivered to the quayside free of charge, but exclusive of the cost of loading onto the ship. Compare free on board.

free association
noun , psychoanal a technique based either on the first thought coming to mind in response to a series of words, or based on a train of thought suggested by a single word, used in therapy for exploring someone's unconscious.

Free Church
1 Scot church hist
a that branch of the Presbyterians in Scotland which left the Established Church at the Disruption of 1843;
b the small minority of that group who refused to combine with the United Presbyterians in the United Free Church.
2 chiefly Brit a Protestant Church other than an Established Church.

free enterprise
noun business carried out between companies, firms, etc without interference or control by the government.

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