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free pronunciación
adjective (freer , freest )
1 allowed to move as one pleases; not shut in.
2 not tied or fastened.
3 allowed to do as one pleases; not restricted, controlled or enslaved.
4 said of a country: independent.
5 costing nothing.
6 open or available to all.
7 not working, busy, engaged or having another appointment.
8 not occupied; not being used.
9 said of a translation: not precisely literal.
10 smooth and easy free and relaxed body movement .
11 without obstruction given free passage .
12 derog said of a person's manner: disrespectful, overfamiliar or presumptuous.
13 chem not combined with another chemical element.
14 in compounds
a not containing the specified (usually undesirable) ingredient, substance, factor, etc sugar-free milk-free nuclear-free ;
b free from, or not affected or troubled by, the specified thing trouble-free meeting stress-free weekend carefree ;
c not paying the specified thing rent-free tax-free .
1 without payment free of charge .
2 freely; without restriction wander free .
verb (frees , freed , freeing )
1 to allow someone to move without restriction after a period in captivity, prison, etc; to set or make someone free; to liberate someone.
2 (usu free someone of or from something) to rid or relieve them of it.
[Anglo-Saxon freo ]
freely adverb .
freeness noun .
a free hand scope to choose how best to act.
feel free colloq you have permission (to do something) Feel free to borrow my bike any time .
for free colloq without payment.
free and easy cheerfully casual or tolerant.
free of or from something without; not or no longer having or suffering (especially something harmful, unpleasant or not wanted) free of fear finally free from the aching pain .
free with something open, generous, lavish or liberal with it.
it's a free country colloq there's no objection to acting in the way mentioned.
make free with something to make too much, or unacceptable, use of something not one's own.

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