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Frank pronunciación
noun a member of a W Germanic people that invaded Gaul (an ancient region of W Europe) in the late 5c ad, and founded France.
[Anglo-Saxon Franca , probably from franca javelin]
Frankish adjective .

frank pronunciación
adjective (franker , frankest )
1 open and honest in speech or manner; candid.
2 bluntly outspoken.
3 undisguised; openly visible.
verb (franked , franking ) to mark (a letter), either cancelling the stamp or, in place of a stamp, to show that postage has been paid.
noun a franking mark on a letter.
[13c: from Latin francus free]
frankly adverb .
frankness noun .

1 the hero of Mary Shelley's Gothic novel Frankenstein (1818), who creates an animate being from parts of corpses, only to his own torment.
2 ( also Frankenstein's monster) any creation that brings disaster to its creator.

noun a type of spicy smoked sausage, originally made in Frankfurt am Main.
[Late 19c: short for German Frankfurter Wurst Frankfurt sausage]

noun an aromatic gum resin obtained from certain E African or Arabian trees, burnt to produce a sweet smell, especially during religious ceremonies. Also called olibanum.
[14c: from French franc encens pure incense]

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