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frame pronunciación
1 a hard main structure or basis to something, round which something is built or to which other parts are added.
2 a structure that surrounds and supports something put the picture in a frame .
3 something that surrounds her face with its frame of dark hair .
4 a body, especially a human one, as a structure of a certain size and shape eased his tall frame into the chair .
5 one of the pictures that make up a strip of film.
6 a single television picture, eg a still picture seen when a videotape is paused.
7 one of the pictures in a comic strip.
8 a low glass or semi-glazed structure for protecting young plants growing out of doors, which is smaller than a greenhouse. Also called cold frame.
9 a framework of bars, eg in a playground for children to play on climbing frame .
10 snooker , etc
a a triangular structure used to help position the balls for the start of play;
b each of the rounds of play in a match.
11 the rigid part of a bicycle, usually made of metal tubes.
verb (framed , framing )
1 to put a frame round something Pauline framed the picture .
2 to be a frame for something.
3 to compose or design something He framed the question with simple words .
4 to shape or direct (one's thoughts, actions, etc) for a particular purpose.
5 colloq to dishonestly direct suspicion for a crime, etc at (an innocent person). See also frame-up.
[Anglo-Saxon framian to benefit]
frameless adjective .
framer noun .
framing noun .

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