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framboesia or (US) frambesia
noun , pathol yaws.
[19c: from French framboise raspberry, from its raspberry-like excrescences]

frame pronunciación
1 a hard main structure or basis to something, round which something is built or to which other parts are added.
2 a structure that surrounds and supports something put the picture in a frame .
3 something that surrounds her face with its frame of dark hair .
4 a body, especially a human one, as a structure of a certain size and shape eased his tall frame into the chair .
5 one of the pictures that make up a strip of film.
6 a single television picture, eg a still picture seen when a videotape is paused.
7 one of the pictures in a comic strip.
8 a low glass or semi-glazed structure for protecting young plants growing out of doors, which is smaller than a greenhouse. Also called cold frame.
9 a framework of bars, eg in a playground for children to play on climbing frame .
10 snooker , etc
a a triangular structure used to help position the balls for the start of play;
b each of the rounds of play in a match.
11 the rigid part of a bicycle, usually made of metal tubes.
verb (framed , framing )
1 to put a frame round something Pauline framed the picture .
2 to be a frame for something.
3 to compose or design something He framed the question with simple words .
4 to shape or direct (one's thoughts, actions, etc) for a particular purpose.
5 colloq to dishonestly direct suspicion for a crime, etc at (an innocent person). See also frame-up.
[Anglo-Saxon framian to benefit]
frameless adjective .
framer noun .
framing noun .

frame of mind
noun (frames of mind ) a mood; state of mind; attitude towards something.

frame of reference
noun (frames of reference )
1 a set of facts, beliefs or principles that serves as the context within which specific actions, events or behaviour patterns can be analysed or described, or on the basis of which opinions can be formed and decisions made.
2 maths a set of points, lines or planes, especially three geometrical axes, used to define and locate the position of a point in space.

frame saw
noun a saw with a thin blade stretched in a frame.

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