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noun a coach drawn by four horses and driven by one driver.

four-leaf clover
noun a clover with four leaflets, rather than the normal three, which is supposed to bring good luck to the finder.

four-letter word
1 any of several short English words referring to sex or excretion, often used as expletives and usually considered offensive.
2 any word which would be considered offensive or unmentionable under particular circumstances He's on a diet, so chocolate is a four-letter word .

noun a large bed with a post at each corner to support curtains and a canopy. Also called four-poster bed.

1 strong; steady; solidly based.
2 said of a building: square and solid-looking.
adverb steadily; squarely.

adjective referring to an internal-combustion engine in which the piston makes a recurring cycle of two pairs of in-out strokes for each explosion.

four-wheel drive see under four-by-four

1 equal to four times as much or as many.
2 divided into, or consisting of, four parts.
adverb by four times as much.
[Anglo-Saxon; see four + -fold]

fourpenny one
noun , slang a blow or punch.

adjective , noun , archaic eighty.

1 a set or group of four people.
2 golf a game between two pairs of players.
as adjective foursome match .

fourteen pronunciación
a the cardinal number 14;
b the quantity that this represents, being one more than thirteen, or the sum of ten and four.
2 any symbol for this, eg 14 or XIV.
3 the age of fourteen.
4 something, especially a garment, or a person, whose size is denoted by the number 14.
5 a set or group of fourteen people or things.
6 a score of fourteen points.
1 totalling fourteen.
2 aged fourteen.
[Anglo-Saxon feowertiene ; see four + -teen]

fourteenth pronunciación (often written 14th)
1 in counting:
a next after thirteenth;
b last of fourteen.
2 in fourteenth position.
3 being one of fourteen equal parts a fourteenth share .
1 one of fourteen equal parts.
2 a fraction equal to one divided by fourteen (usually written 1/14).
3 a person coming fourteenth, eg in a race.
4 (the fourteenth)
a the fourteenth day of the month;
b golf the fourteenth hole.
adverb in the fourteenth place.
[Anglo-Saxon; see fourteen + -th1]

fourth pronunciación (often written 4th)
1 in counting:
a next after third;
b last of four.
2 in fourth position.
3 being one of four equal parts. Usually called quarter a fourth share .
1 one of four equal parts. Usually called quarter.
2 a fraction equal to one divided by four (usually written 1/4). Usually called quarter.
3 a person coming fourth, eg in a race.
4 (the fourth)
a the fourth day of the month;
b golf the fourth hole.
5 music
a an interval of three diatonic degrees;
b a tone at that interval from another, or a combination of two tones separated by that interval.
adverb fourthly.
[Anglo-Saxon; see four + -th1]
fourthly adverb used to introduce the fourth point in a list.

fourth There is often a spelling confusion between fourth and forth.

fourth dimension
1 time regarded as a dimension complementing the three dimensions of space (length, width and depth).
2 a a dimension, such as parallel universes, which may exist in addition to the three dimensions of space;
b anything which is beyond ordinary experience.

fourth official
noun , football an official who has responsibility for off-the-field activities such as substitutions, indicating additional time to be played, etc.


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