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four pronunciación
a the cardinal number 4;
b the quantity that this represents, being one more than three.
2 any symbol for this, eg 4 or IV.
3 the age of four.
4 something, especially a garment, or a person, whose size is denoted by the number 4.
5 the fourth hour after midnight or midday Tea's at four four o'clock 4pm .
6 a set or group of four people or things.
7 a the crew of a rowing boat with four sweep oars;
b such a boat.
8 a playing-card with four pips.
9 a score of four points.
10 cricket a score of four runs awarded if the ball reaches the boundary having hit the ground.
1 totalling four.
2 aged four.
[Anglo-Saxon feower ]
on all fours on hands and knees.

noun a vehicle in which the driving power is transmitted to all four wheels. Also called four-wheel drive (abbreviation 4WD) . Compare front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive.

four-colour process
noun , photog , printing a technique for reproducing a full-colour image using only four colours of ink.

four-eyed fish see under anableps

1 cards referring to a game with four players.
2 having four hands.

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