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Lengua inglesa
foul pronunciación
1 disgusting a foul smell .
2 soiled; filthy.
3 contaminated foul air .
4 colloq very unkind or unpleasant.
5 said of language: offensive or obscene.
6 unfair or treacherous by fair means or foul .
7 said of weather: stormy.
8 clogged.
9 entangled.
noun , sport a breach of the rules.
verb (fouled , fouling )
1 tr & intr , sport to commit an act against (an opponent) which breaches the rules.
2 (sometimes foul something up) to make it dirty or polluted.
3 tr & intr (sometimes foul up or foul something up) to become or cause it to become entangled.
4 tr & intr (sometimes foul up or foul something up) to become or cause it to become clogged.
adverb in a foul manner; unfairly.
[Anglo-Saxon ful ]
foully adverb .
foulness noun .
fall foul of someone or something see under fall.
foul one's nest to do something harmful or dishonourable to oneself or one's family.
foul something up colloq to mess it up; to bungle it.

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