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forties (often written 40s or 40's)
plural noun
1 (one's forties) the period of time between one's fortieth and fiftieth birthdays.
2 (the forties)
a the range of temperatures between forty and fifty degrees It must be in the forties today ;
b the period of time between the fortieth and fiftieth years of a century.
the roaring forties the area of stormy west winds south of latitude 40°S, or north of latitude 40°N in the Atlantic.

fortieth pronunciación (often written 40th)
1 in counting:
a next after thirty-ninth;
b last of forty.
2 in fortieth position.
3 being one of forty equal parts a fortieth share .
1 one of forty equal parts.
2 a fraction equal to one divided by forty (usually written 1/40).
3 a person coming fortieth, eg in a race.
[Anglo-Saxon; see forty + -th1]

fortification pronunciación
1 the process of fortifying.
2 (fortifications) walls and other defensive structures built against attack.

fortify pronunciación
verb (fortifies , fortified , fortifying )
1 to strengthen (a building, city, etc) against attack.
2 to add extra alcohol to (wine) in the course of production, in order to produce sherry, port, etc.
3 to confirm.
[15c: ultimately from Latin fortis strong + -fy]
fortifiable adjective .
fortifier noun .

fortis phonetics
adjective articulated with considerable muscular effort and pressure of breath.
noun (pl fortes ) a consonant that is produced in this way. Compare lenis.
[Early 20c: Latin, meaning -strong-]

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