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form pronunciación 1
1 shape.
2 figure or outward appearance.
3 kind, type, variety or manifestation.
4 a document with printed text and spaces for the insertion of information.
5 a way, especially the correct way, of doing or saying something.
6 structure and organization in a piece of writing or work of art.
7 one's potential level of performance, eg in sport soon find your form again .
8 any of the ways that a word can be spelt or grammatically inflected the past tense form .
9 a school class.
10 a bench.
11 slang a criminal record.
12 a hare's burrow.
verb (formed , forming )
1 to organize or set something up.
2 intr to come into existence; to take shape.
3 to shape; to make (a shape).
4 to take on the shape or function of something.
5 to make up; to constitute.
6 to develop form a relationship .
7 to influence or mould someone or something the environment that formed him .
8 to construct, inflect grammatically or pronounce (a word).
[13c: from Latin forma shape or model]
formable adjective .
forming noun .
a matter of form a case of a procedure being gone through for the sake of legality or convention.
good or bad form polite or impolite social behaviour Talking about oneself too much really is bad form .
in good form in good spirits or health.
on or off form performing well or badly.
take form to come into existence; to begin to have shape.
true to form in the usual, typical or characteristic way.

form pronunciación 2 see forme

form letter
noun a letter with a fixed form and contents, used especially when writing to a number of people about the same or similar matters.

form of address
1 the word or words used as a title before a person's name.
2 the form of words used in speaking to someone on a formal or ceremonial occasion.

formal pronunciación
1 relating to or involving etiquette, ceremony or conventional procedure generally formal dress .
2 stiffly polite rather than relaxed and friendly.
3 valid; official; explicit a formal agreement formal proof .
4 said of language: strictly correct with regard to grammar, style and choice of words, as distinct from conversational.
5 organized and methodical the formal approach to teaching .
6 precise and symmetrical in design a formal garden .
7 relating to outward form as distinct from content.
formally adverb .

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