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force pronunciación 1
1 strength; power; impact or impetus.
2 compulsion, especially with threats or violence.
3 military power.
4 passion or earnestness.
5 strength or validity the force of her argument come into force .
6 meaning.
7 influence by force of habit .
8 a person or thing seen as an influence a force for good .
9 physics (SI unit newton) (abbreviation F)
a any external agent that produces a change in the speed or direction of a moving object, or that makes a stationary object move the force of gravity ;
b any external agent that produces a strain on a static object.
10 any irresistible power or agency the forces of nature .
11 the term used in specifying an index between 0 and 12 on the Beaufort scale, each of which corresponds to a different wind speed a gale of force 8 a force-10 gale .
12 a a military body;
b (the forces) a nation's armed services.
13 any organized body of workers, etc.
14 (the force) the police force.
verb (forced , forcing )
1 to make or compel someone to do something.
2 to drive or push someone or something, especially using physical strength or meeting resistance The president was forced out of office .
3 to obtain something by effort, strength, threats, violence, etc forced an admission from them .
4 to produce something with an effort.
5 to inflict (eg views, opinions etc) on someone force one's opinions on people .
6 to make (a plant) grow or (fruit) ripen unnaturally quickly or early so that it can appear on the market out of its normal season Nowadays, tomatoes are often forced .
7 to strain force one's voice .
8 cards to induce or make someone play a particular suit or in a particular way.
[13c: from Latin fortia strength]
forceless adjective .
forcer noun .
force one's way to make progress by effort or ruthless determination.
force someone's hand to compel them to act in a certain way.
in force
1 said of a law, etc: valid; effective.
2 in large numbers Protestors arrived in force .
join forces to come together or unite for a purpose.

force pronunciación 2
noun , N Eng a waterfall.
[16c: from Norse fors ]

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