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foot pronunciación
noun (pl usu feet but see sense 7)
1 the part of the leg on which a human being or animal stands or walks.
2 in molluscs: a muscular organ used for locomotion, which can be retracted into the animal's shell.
3 the part of a sock, stocking, etc that fits over the foot.
4 the bottom or lower part of something the foot of a mountain .
5 the part on which something stands; anything functioning as or resembling a foot.
6 the end of a bed where the feet go.
7 (pl feet or often foot ) (abbreviation ft or ', eg 6ft or 6{foot}) in the imperial system: a unit of length equal to 12in (30.48cm) The room is sixteen foot by ten .
8 prosody a unit of rhythm in verse containing any of various combinations of stressed and unstressed syllables.
9 a part of a sewing machine that holds the fabric in position.
10 pl , old use infantry.
as adjective & in compounds foot soldier footlights .
[Anglo-Saxon fot ]
footless adjective .
foot it
1 colloq to walk.
2 old use to dance.
foot the bill to pay the bill.
get a foot in the door to gain initial entry or acceptance into an organization, profession, etc.
get off on the wrong foot to make a bad start.
have a foot in both camps to be connected with both of two opposed parties.
have one foot in the grave colloq to be very old or near death.
my foot! interjection , colloq used to express derisive disbelief.
not put a foot wrong to make no mistakes.
on foot walking.
put one's best foot forward to set off with determination.
put one's foot down to be firm about something.
put one's foot in it colloq to cause offence or embarrassment.
set foot in or on something to arrive in or on it.
under foot beneath one's feet; on the ground It was very wet under foot . See also under feet.

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