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flat pronunciación 1
adjective (flatter , flattest )
1 level; horizontal; even.
2 without hollows or prominences.
3 lacking the usual prominence a flat nose .
4 not bent or crumpled.
5 said of feet: having little or no arch to the instep of the foot, so that the sole lies flat against the ground.
6 said of shoes: not having a raised heel.
7 bored; depressed.
8 dull; not lively.
9 toneless and expressionless.
10 colloq definite; downright; emphatic a flat refusal .
11 music
a said of an instrument, voice, etc: lower than the correct pitch1;
b following its noun that lowers the specified note by a semitone C flat . Compare sharp (adjective 13).
12 said of a tyre: having too little air in it.
13 said of a drink: having lost its fizziness.
14 said of a battery: having little or no electrical charge remaining.
15 said of a price, rate, economic indicator, etc: fixed; unvarying.
16 said of a business, company, etc: commercially inactive.
17 said of paint: matt, not glossy.
1 stretched out rather than curled up, crumpled, etc.
2 into a flat compact shape folds flat for storage .
3 exactly in two minutes flat .
4 bluntly and emphatically I can tell you flat .
5 music at lower than the correct pitch He sang flat .
1 something flat; a flat surface or part.
2 (flats)
a an area of flat land;
b a mud bank exposed at low tide.
3 colloq a punctured tyre on a vehicle Oh no! We've got another flat .
4 music
a a sign (?) that lowers a note by a semitone from the note that it refers to;
b a note lowered in this way.
5 a flat upright section of stage scenery slid or lowered onto the stage.
6 (the flat) horse-racing
a flat racing;
b the season of flat racing, from March to November.
[14c: from Norse flatr flat]
flatly adverb emphatically; unequivocally she flatly refused to go .
flatness noun .
flattish adjective .
fall flat colloq to fail to achieve the hoped-for effect The joke fell flat .
fall flat on one's face colloq to fail at something in a humiliating way.
flat broke colloq completely without money.
flat out colloq with maximum speed and energy They were all working flat out .
that's flat colloq that's certain or final.

flat pronunciación 2
1 a self-contained set of rooms for living in, in a building or tenement with a number of such units. N Am equivalent apartment.
2 in compounds flat-hunting flat-dweller studio flat .
[19c in this sense; originally Anglo-Saxon flett floor, house]

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