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flame pronunciación
a a hot, luminous and flickering tongue shape of burning gases coming from something that is on fire The cigarette lighter produced a very small flame ;
b (often flames) a mass of these burst into flames go up in flames .
2 a strong passion or affection the flame of love .
3 a rude, insulting or angry e-mail message.
adjective (also flame-coloured) a bright reddish-orange colour She wore a flame party dress .
verb (flamed , flaming )
1 intr to burn with flames; to blaze.
2 intr to shine brightly.
3 intr to explode with anger.
4 intr to get red and hot Her cheeks flamed with anger .
5 to apply a flame to (an object or substance).
6 to send someone a rude, insulting or angry e-mail message.
[14c: from Latin flamma ]
an old flame
1 a feeling of passion or affection for someone from one's past.
2 a person who excites such feelings.
fan the flames or add fuel to the flames to stir up an already existing emotion or unrest.

flame tree
1 a thick-stemmed Australian tree with glossy leaves and scarlet bell-shaped flowers.
2 any of various tropical trees with flame-coloured flowers.

noun a device that discharges a stream of burning liquid, used as a weapon in war.

flamenco pronunciación
noun (flamencos )
1 a rhythmical, emotionally stirring type of Spanish Gypsy music, usually played on the guitar, originally from the S Spanish region of Andalusia.
2 the dance performed to it.
[19c: Spanish, meaning -flamingo-]

adjective not easily damaged by fire or high temperatures.
verb to make something resistant to burning or damage by high temperatures.

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