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flag pronunciación 1
1 a piece of cloth, usually rectangular, with a distinctive design, flown from a pole to represent a country, political party, etc, or used for signalling.
2 national identity represented by a flag.
3 any kind of marker used to indicate and draw special attention to something, eg a code placed at a particular position in a computer program, a paper marker pinned onto a map, etc.
4 obsolete an adjustable plate in a taxi, raised to show that the taxi is for hire.
verb (flagged , flagging )
1 to mark something with a flag, tag or symbol.
2 to signal (a message) using flags.
dip the flag to lower a flag and then hoist it again as a token of respect.
fly the flag or keep the flag flying to maintain a show of support for one's country or other affiliation.
lower the flag to indicate surrender, relinquishment of command or respect, etc The flag was finally lowered on the Empire .
with flags flying with flying colours; triumphantly.
flag someone or something down to signal, usually with a hand, to a vehicle or driver to stop The police flagged us down .

flag pronunciación 2
verb (flagged , flagging ) intr to grow weak or tired after a period of intense work or activity.
[16c: probably derived from flap, in the sense of -hang down- or -droop-]

flag pronunciación 3
1 (also flagstone) a large flat stone for paving.
2 a flat slab of any fine-grained rock which can be split into flagstones.
verb (flagged , flagging ) to pave (a floor, street, etc) with flagstones.
[15c: from Norse flaga slab]

flag pronunciación 4
noun any of several plants of the iris family, with long blade-like leaves, especially those with yellow flowers.

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