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fit pronunciación 1
verb (fitted or (N Am) fit , fitting )
1 tr & intr to be the right shape or size for something or someone The jeans fitted him well This top fits better since I lost weight .
2 intr (usu fit in or into something) to be small or few enough to be contained in it Fortunately the new car fitted into the garage Five adults can fit in my car .
3 to be suitable or appropriate for something a punishment that fits the crime .
4 tr & intr to be consistent or compatible with something a theory that fits the facts .
5 to install or put something new in place fit the new kitchen sink .
6 to equip This car is fitted with an alarm .
7 tr & intr (also fit together or fit something together) to join together to form a whole.
8 (often fit someone for something) to make them suitable qualities that fit her for the job .
9 to try clothes on someone to see where adjustment is needed The tailor fitted the suit by pinning the seams .
noun the way something fits according to its shape or size a good fit a tight fit .
adjective (fitter , fittest )
a healthy; feeling good Are you fit today?
b in good physical condition, especially because of exercise He's the fittest of all .
2 about to do something, or apparently so looked fit to drop .
adverb enough to do something laughed fit to burst .
fitly adverb .
fitness noun .
fit for something suited to it; good enough for it.
fit like a glove to fit perfectly.
see or think fit to consider it appropriate.
fit in
1 said of someone in a social situation: to behave in a suitable or accepted way She never quite fitted in .
2 to be appropriate or to conform to certain arrangements The dates of the flight fitted in with my plans .
fit someone or something in to find time to deal with them or it I can't fit you in before Friday .
fit something out to furnish or equip it with all necessary things for its particular purpose fit out the ship .
fit someone up colloq to incriminate them falsely; to frame them.

fit pronunciación 2
1 a sudden attack of one or more symptoms, usually of a relatively violent nature, eg convulsions in grand mal epilepsy or paroxysms of coughing.
2 a burst, spell or bout a fit of giggles .
[Anglo-Saxon fitt struggle]
by or in fits and starts in irregular spells; spasmodically.
in fits colloq laughing uncontrollably.
have or throw a fit to become very angry.

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