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first pronunciación (often written 1st)
1 in counting: before all others; before the second and following ones.
2 earliest in time or order; the starting object of a series of objects.
3 the most important; foremost in importance first prize .
4 basic; fundamental first principles .
5 music
a having the higher part the first violins ;
b being the principal player the first clarinet .
1 before anything or anyone else.
2 foremost got in feet first .
3 before doing anything else first make sure of the facts .
4 for the first time since he first saw him .
5 preferably; rather I'd die first .
6 firstly.
1 a person or thing coming first, eg in a race or class.
2 colloq a first occurrence of something; something never done before That's a first for me!
3 the beginning; the start from first to last .
4 (the first)
a the first day of the month;
b golf the first hole.
5 denoting the first or lowest forward gear (sense 2) in a motor vehicle She changed from first to second .
6 (a first) educ , chiefly Brit first-class honours in a university degree; a degree of the highest class.
[Anglo-Saxon fyrest ]
at first at the start of something; early on in the course of something.
at first hand directly from the original source. first and last essentially; on the whole.
first come, first served people will be supplied with something in the order in which they respond to an offer.
first thing colloq early; before anything else; as the first action of the day I'll do it first thing in the morning .
first things first one should do the most important things before other things.
get to or make first base to complete the first stage of a process.
in the first place from the start; to begin with He didn't want to go in the first place .
not have the first idea or not know the first thing about something colloq to be completely ignorant about it; to know nothing about it.

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