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firm pronunciación 1
1 strong; compact; steady.
2 solid; not soft or yielding.
3 definite a firm offer .
4 said of prices, markets, etc: steady or stable, with a slight upward trend.
5 determined; resolute.
6 said of a mouth or chin: suggesting determination.
adverb in a determined and unyielding manner; with resolution hold firm to one's promise .
verb (firmed , firming ) to make something firm or secure He firmed the soil around the plant .
[14c in the form ferme : from Latin firmus firm or solid]
firmness noun .
firm up said of prices, markets, etc: to become more stable, usually with a slight upward trend Prices were firming up .
firm something up to discuss (ideas, plans, etc) and make them clearer and more definite Can we firm up the plans for your visit?

firm pronunciación 2
1 any organization or individual engaged in economic activity with the aim of producing goods or services for sale; a business or company.
2 a business partnership.
[18c in sense 2; 16c, meaning -one's signature-: from Italian firma signature, from Latin firmare to confirm, to ratify by one's signature, from firmus firm or solid]

firmament pronunciación
noun , literary, old use the sky; heaven.
[13c: from Latin firmamentum , from firmus firm or solid; relating to the earlier belief that the position of the stars was fixed]

adverb in a firm way; earnestly, sincerely He shook his friend's hand firmly .

noun , comput software which cannot be altered and is held in a computer's read-only memory, eg the operating system.
[1960s: from firm1, modelled on software]

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